About Konya Industry

History of Konya

Konya is established on one of the oldest civilized region of Anatolia (Çatalhöyük region, 7.000 BC) has always  been an important Agriculture, Science, Transit Trade and Industry Center through Silk Road due to its location as a passage between East and West.

Konya has always been played crucial role during the time of Silk Road , that’s why named as the capital of Seljuks Empire for more than hundred years hence becomes powerful province in Ottoman Empire times ,becomes wealthy and enriched place through Science, Agriculture and Trade.


ADVANTAGES FOR INVESTORS (Summary, for detailed information, please visit www.investinkonya.org.tr )

•          Strategic location between West and East

•          Developed transportation means

•           Capital of Anatolia (historic magnet for the region, entrepreneur spirit that  

    comes from past)

•           Diversified activities (Reduced risk of economic crisis)

•           Vast amount of area in Industrial Zones

•           Techno park

•           Universities

•           Cereal warehouse of Turkey

•           Availability of cheap, flat lands with low rents (largest available area of

    Turkey),  almost no danger of earthquake

•          Dry air favoring metal resistance

•           Rapid growth of qualified work force

   Young, skilled open minded population

•           Developed industrial manufacturing in

§  Automotive spare parts,

§   Flour milling machinery - well-known city in the world

§   Food industry,

§   Chemical industry,

§   Footwear,

§   Plastic products,

§   Agricultural machinery

§  And Many hotels, restaurants..






•          Konya is one of the rare cities which has achieved industrialization and regular urbanization at the same time.

•           Konya is a city of peace, crime rates are very low.




          Konya has always been a leader of Agriculture Sector and Agro-Industry with its flat-wide and spread-out arable land. Besides it has named as Grain House of Turkey for years ,within the beginning of 1950s , Investment on Industrial Production has started. Within upcoming years of 1970s especially production of agricultural equipments and machinery  brought another image to itself as “Industrial City ” coming along with its agricultural background and infrastructure , enhancing the collaboration of Agriculture Industry.


Characteristics of Konya Industry shows that range of products is totally wide and various not based on certain types of production. All Facility and service which take place in Konya ,differs From Machinery industry to Chemical industry , from textile to automotive spare parts, from electric-electronic products to food industry, from packaging to paper industry .It means Such sort of product can easily enable Konya turn into a “Silicon Valley” .

Despite the fact that Industrial structure which based on single or just few products, can easily damaged or could be knocked out of global market according to Global or local economic crisis , such industrial clusters as its processed in Konya , offers various wide-range products is affected in minimum level has unique dynamic strength. Hence any kind of increase of demand  in any kind of sector in that structure easily help the other companies around to progress which are  related to this particular sector in a positive manner.


Focus of Sufic mystical practice and teaching, Konya is a place of pilgrimage for the whole of the Muslim world hence the all human-being caring about Humanism and Tolerance. This sprawling city has overrun the surrounding mud-walled villages and at its heart is the medieval Selçuk capital, which tugs at the hearts of all humanity and spoken more pride than the better-known tourist resorts. This was the adopted home of Celaleddin Rumi, better known as the Mevlâna (Our Master), the Sufic mystic who founded the whirling dervish sect, the Mevlevî; his writings helped reshape Islamic thought and modified the popular Islamic culture of Turkey through Humanistic Philosophy and Tolerative thoughts.

Konya is surrounded by some of Turkey's most fertile countryside (the region is known locally as "the breadbasket of Turkey"). The city can seem sun-bleached in summer, and you'll find this contrast the rule rather than the exception for Turkish inland towns

General information about industrial productions

1. Machinery And Equipment Industry

A. Metal Processing Machines

A leading sector in Konya is the machine manufacturing industry. Especially, the metal processing machines sector is the engine of the metal processing machines sector in Turkey.


B. Vehicle mounted equipment

Another branch in the machine sector, that is the Vehicle Mounted Equipment industry, has achieved a notable stage.


C. Milling Machines Manufacture

Konya has systems that provide the world with ready-to-use flour, semolina and pasta factories in the mentioned sector.

— It is sector leader in the market


D. Agricultural Tools, Machines And Equipments Production


KONYA is the leader city in agricultural machines and tool manufacturing


Further important production items in the Machine Manufacturing Industry are:

— Welding machines

— Compression machines

— Automatic Guillotine Shear

— Various presses

— Hydraulic cylinders and pumps

— Engine reconditioning machines

— Various drills

2. Automotive Spare Parts Industry

The industry of Konya has achieved an assertive position in its production capacity and its quality in the field of automotive spare parts industry, which is increasingly gaining market share in the world market over the past decade.

The automotive subsidiary industry started in small businesses with the production of various parts, especially vehicle bodies. It gained pace with the development of TÜMOSAN. Both the fact that TÜMOSAN became active and the improvements in the automotive sector in our country led the present industrial infrastructure to the automotive spare part industry. The spare part industrial production started in small industrial complexes needed to be improved due to the changing supply and demand balance, and led to larger businesses realizing production in Organized Industrial Zones and exporting all or a great amount of their productions.


The automotive spare part industry sells both to the national market to present automotive factories and abroad. The most important engine valve, engine piston, cylinder liner, crank, gear and gasket factories are located in our province. Next to the mentioned products in the sector, the following spare parts and accessories are also produced in Konya: manifold and complete axle parts and production, trailer production, automotive heater and equipment, brakes and parts, hydraulic pump, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, suspension parts, safety parts, automotive glass, seats, moulding and forged parts and others. Many of these manufacturers are producing under world standards and have ISO 9000 certification. Spare parts for all present automobile brands in the world are manufactured and exported mainly to EU countries and South America, North and South Africa, Middle East, Turkic Republics and the Far East

3. Main Metal Industry

Konya is one of the major production centers in the foundry industry. There are hundreds of companies are active in the field of metal casting in Konya.

— The foundry sector produces in 4 main branches (sphere, cast iron, steel foundry, aluminum).

4. Furniture Manufacturing Industry

— The sector is experienced in both Office and home furniture.

— One of our companies has become the export leader in the office furniture sector in our country.

5. Food Products and Beverage Production Industry


— It is the leader of Turkey in flour, salt and sugar production.

— Other leading products are: crushed grain products, chocolate and candies, sugar, milk and dairy products, salt and oil.

6. Leather and Leather Products Manufacturing Industry

The Konya shoe industry is capable of manufacturing all parts needed fort he production process. Furthermore, shoe machine production is also being realized in Konya.

— The largest wholesaler in the sector of Turkey is in Konya.

7. Plastic and Rubber Products manufacture

Leading companies of Turkey are situated in Konya in terms of production of plastic packaging production.

— There are many companies manufacturing plastic irrigation and infrastructure pipes.

— Konya is an important region in the production of plastic construction materials. Especially, PVC production has achieved an important position.

— The leading company in the PVC production sector is also located in Konya

8. Textile and Textile Products Manufacturing Industry

These branches are leading in the sector:

— Confection industry (men, women, kids underwear and outwear)

— Knitwear industry (knitted clothing products)

— Hand-made and machine made carpets.

9. Wood Products Manufacturing Industry

Konya is one of the predominant provinces in wood processing

— Some of the production items in the sector are as following: timber, timber floor, panel and hardwood, wooden doors, laminated and soft coverings, plywood, wooden construction elements.

10. Paper and Paper Products Manufacturing Industry

— It has become an important centre in the production of corrugated carton cardboards and the manufacture of paper packaging.

— It bears notable companies in printing and publication.

— Furthermore, these following products are manufactured in Konya: paper bags, cardboard boxes, computer continuous paper forms, packaging bags produced from Kraft paper, egg cartons, notebooks and other products.

11. Nonmetallic other Mineral Products Manufacturing Industry

— The glass industry in Konya is capable to compete with the world market today.

— Some of the production items are as following: Heat insulated double glasses, cut crystal glass, glass tile, tempered curved glass (industrial type), glass bottle.

12. Metal Products Manufacturing Industry

Konya is one of the important centers in terms of kitchen utensils products. Some of the product items in the sector are as following:

— Refrigerators suitable for industries and stock shelf systems, home utensils

— Stove and stove materials, heating furnaces

— Solar energy collectors

— LPG tanks, fuel tanks, thermo blocks, gas boilers

— Gas transformation systems

— Hunting rifles


         Preserving the character of being an attraction centre throughout history Konya is both a regional and a national power, and a city that attracts more and more attention of international markets.

In a globalizing world it can be observed that cities actually compete with each other. The position in urban competition is proportional with the amount of local know-how and experiences or in a broader sense with local accumulation. The strengthening of these accumulations with international support puts the cities or the sectors in these cities forward in international competition.

Konya is one of the few cities that caught up with national competition in many sectors.

It maintains to carry this competition into the international arena and to provide its sustenance.


If you need more information and if you would like to get in touch with Konya producers,  please feel free to contact us => Enterprise Europe Network Konya / Konya Chamber of industry.


For Learning Industrial Investment Conditions and Business Environment in KONYA



Konya is lucky to be blessed with lots of flat land suitable for operating factories in. At the moment Konya has 25 million m2 of land set for industry. With its Infrastructure improving faster than the rapid flow of local and international investments Konya’s land availability and planned Industry zones along with its race to have the first government funded industrial zone, Konya is the new attraction for industrial investors. Konya’s local industry has developed with its own efforts.


Accesing Konya

::Roads:: l   ::Railways:: l  ::Airport::

Labor Skills & Quality

Sectors of Activity


 Konya and Anatolia

Fortcoming Projects




Konya Lowlands Irrigation Project (KLI) is the second most important irrigation project of Turkey after GAP – South East Anatolia Project. Konya Lowlands Irrigation Project is the first project in Turkey that is prepared via a tender procedure. Konya Lowlands Irrigation projects comprise 12 projects.  By the investments made until today 308 073 hectares of land had water and increasing this amount to 617 923 hectares is aimed. 8 of these projects are realized.   

With the completion of the project sustainable development, variety in agricultural productivity, new employment opportunities and development of the agricultural based industries will be achieved. Positive changes are expected for the climate of the region. 

Blue Tunnel Project will make water agriculture available for approximately %50 of the Konya Lowland. With the realization of the project yearly 414 meter cubes of water will revitalize the fruitful lands of Konya.



With the realization of Konya Lowlands Irrigation Projects cereals, sugar beet, fruits, vegetables, feed plants, poppy will be cultivated. When the projects in Çumra region are completed, increased irrigated lands in the region will provide greater benefits to the regional economy. These benefits can be listed as follows: 410 million m3 water of Göksu river which flows into the sea will be used at irrigation and energy production, portion of cereals which bring less revenue that the other cultivated products will decrease, more suitable products will be cultivate in irrigated lands, cultivation of plants such as feed and oil plants, pulses, vegetables will increase, in the irrigated lands organic agriculture and fruit growing will rise, since there will be product variety product planning will be done. Moreover, with the increase of feed plants bovine farming will improve and become more fruitful, yearly revenues of the enterprises will rise, time and workforce will be saved, social welfare will rise with the increase in the income level and the share of population in the national income will increase.      In addition, the inactive and unproductive agricultural lands cultivated will provide benefits to the national economy and cultivation of different products, increase in the amounts of products will reveal the need of integrated agricultural facilities and agricultural industry which will treat these products on site. As a result of this the region will become an industrial city and there will be new employment areas. Exports capacity will increase with the increase in production and entrance of the foreign currency to the country will be provided.  




- Yearly 2 products;

- Cheap and plentiful raw materials;

- Cheap transporting costs;

- Investment opportunities;

- Frozen, dried and packed food

- Paste and other canned food 

- Vegetable oil



- Contractual agriculture

- Production of industrial oil plants

- Production of industrial crops such as bio-diesel from Canola     



- Areas opened to irrigation recently.



Drip irrigation

Sprinkling, pressure system



Manufacturing and selling of agricultural machinery.

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