International Brokerage Event for Machinery sector in ...

2014-02-21 17:14

International Brokerage Event for Machinery sector in the context of KONYA MACHINERY FAIR 2014 B2KONMAK on 24th APRIL 2014

International Brokerage Event for Machinery sector in the context of  KONYA MACHINERY FAIR 2014 B2KONMAK on 24th APRIL 2014

B2KONMAK-2014 is a matchmaking event which has great opportunity for companies in machinery related sectors especially from EU and all over the world to meet potential business and technology partners through  pre-arranged B2B talks at Konya in the meantime hosts the leading international fair of Turkey for sectors of                  Machine Tools,Metal Processing Machines,Welding,Drilling,Cutting Technologies,Hydraulic& Pneumatic.

The event is embedded in the Turkey’s leading international trade fair as  KONYA MACHINERY FAIR 2014 KONMAK which take place between 24-27th April 2014 at TUYAP International Fair Center in Konya, Turkey.

The main target of the fair is to present the Turkish machinery sector with latest technologies also lead potential co-operation with European SME’s on technology,quality and know-how among all machinery stakeholders.


The event addresses representatives from the machinery industry actors willing to find cross-border cooperation partners: distributors, subcontractors, licensees, technological partners, service providers.

B2KONMAK is also a platform to exchange on current developments,latest technologies and potential innovation through once-a-year occasion of Turkish Machinery Market.


·         Machinery Technologies (Machine tools ,Lathe’s,CNC’s ,Milling machines)

·         Metal Processing Machines

·         Welding,Drilling,Cutting Technologies

·         Shear Technology and Equipments & Hand Tools

·         Honning,Grinding and Bending Machines

·         Rectification and Reconditioning Machines

·         Hydraulic and Pneumatical Tools

·         Second Hand and Used Machines&Tool&Equipments


20th AprilSunday,2014  (Registration Deadline)

·         Insert your collaboration profiles

  * The earlier you submit your collaboration profile the more it will be recognized.

21-24th April2014  

·         Online selection of B2B meetings

24th April Thursday,2014

·         Business-to-Business meetings I.Session (09.30- 12:00)

·         Coffee Break Networking for participants (12:00- 13:00)

·         Business-to-Business meetings II.Session (13:00- 16:00)

·         Official Dinner 18:00 - 20:00

·         Sema Ceremony (Whirling Derwishes) 20:00– 22:00

* Experts provide Turkish – English translation services when necessary free of charge.

24-27th April 2014 Special Programme Offer for B2B Participants

What will be offered to participants of B2B Meetings for free of charge?

      Accommodation for 3 days in Konya

      Konya Exhibition Fair 3-day Ticket

      Local Transfer in Konya

      Company Technical Study Visits

      Official B2B Dinner


Konya Fairs organized by TUYAP Inc. in association with the Association of Machine ToolsAssociation also the  support of Konya Chamber of Commerce, Konya Chamber of Industry, Chamber of Mechanical Engineers and KOSGEB (Turkish Small And Medium Industry Development Organization)while 3 fair take place at the same timeKONMAK 2014Konya 11th International Metal Processing Machines, Welding, Drilling, Cutting, Technologies, Materials and Hand Tools, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Fair, KONELEX 2014,Konya 9th Electric, Electronic, Electromechanic, Energy Generation, Automation Fair,ISKON 2014Konya 9th Handling, Storage, Transport, Crane and Logistics Fairin between 24-27th of April 2014, at TÜYAP Konya  International Exhibition Center

Konya is the manufacturing hub of Anatolia and the small and medium business capital of Turkey with manufacturing facilities in 80 different type of industryranging from automotive to agriculturewhile especially Machiney sector is the province leverage of manufacturing capabilityof the city bycontributing thecityeconomy

KONMAK Fairshas become one of the most important trade shows in the region andincluded in the international events calendar thanks to the concentration of industry in Konya and the region.Since%50of the machinery industry, 65% of the agricultural machinery industry and 45% of the automotiveindustry in Turkey located in Konya, this fact ensures that the fairs increase their influence and growingconsistently each year. 

KONMAK 2014 - KONELEX 2014- ISKON 2014  Fairswill bring together companies in the metal processing, stocking, storage, logistics, electric and electronics industries.  The 2013fairs took place in 4 halls with a total enclosed area of 30,000 m2, were attended by 378companies and representatives from 22 countries.  More than 1500 machines, materials and process technologies of 750 brands were on exhibit for four days, and received a total of 52.283 visitors from 16 countries of the world and 49 provinces of Turkey.

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