NoAE Innovations-Competition 2011

2011-07-13 16:41

NoAE Innovations-Competition 2011

NoAE Innovations-Competition 2011


The Network of Automotive Excellence (NoAE) is going into its 5th year in 2011 with its cross-sector and transnational NoAE Innovations-Competition.



For the 2011 competition, we have expanded to the mobility industry, including

  • automotive,
  • aerospace,
  • rail and passenger transport.


What is being sought?

·         Searched for are ideas, innovations and solutions, which provide a high degree of customer benefits and a high transfer potential into the automobile, passenger and transport vehicles and aircraft.

·         Searched for are process improvements, methods, procedures, technologies and tools for the manufacturing of vehicles.

·         Searched for are new ideas, concepts and studies for the mobility of the future.


Topic-Cluster 1: Powertrain & Electrification

In addition to fulfilling the wishes of the customer, the central and long-term goals of the mobility industry are primarily mobility, reduced operating costs as well as reduced CO2 emissions.   


Next to the increase in performance of classic concepts, alternative drive concepts such as hybrid, fuel cells or electric concepts are increasing in importance. Therefore, topic cluster 1 is searching for innovations in particular, which optimise the classic or alternative drive train, e.g. through increasing the efficiency of the motor/energy management or the intelligent recycling of energy.  



Furthermore, for competitive electric concepts, innovations are being searched for, which include the development and optimisation of new storage concepts as well as corresponding charging and monitoring concepts.                                                           Next to storage, of particular importance is the increase in reliability and durability of the electric drive, with its oftennew components and sensors, and is thus another main focus of topic cluster 1. 

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Topic-Cluster 2: Communication and Mobility

The need for individual mobility and the networking of the various means of transportation is increasing. Typical travel example: You take the suburban railway to the airport; you wait in an airport café; you drive a rental vehicle from the airport to the customer appointment and back. Regardless of the selected location and means of transportation, the traveller, even underway, would not like to do without his communications medium, data and communication possibilities, which he constantly uses in his private and professional life.    

This means that the uninterrupted application of technologies such as Smartphones, tablet PCs or Smartpads is even more important for travellers, in order to fulfil the desire for continuous availability as well as for access and utilisation of social networks orrequired Internet services.

Specific, additional challenges are directed at the automobile industry: the individual and personal needs of the driver and passengers. Intelligent assistant systems simplify or support the driving tasks. For example, by combining vehicle and navigation data, they make driving safer, provide the passengers with individual information and therefore positively organise the time spent in the vehicle.

In line with this, the possibility of an instinctive or“smart” operation of all devices used while driving is a basic requirement, so as not to overwhelm the driver. However, the creation of intelligent operations via user interfaces can also make it easier to utilise new and diverse Internet-based services and applications. Furthermore, the various development and innovation cycles between the automobile and entertainment industries must also be considered.

Additional important innovation focal points are: For the rail and transport industry, the topic of online diagnosis with the goal of faster and safer error detection, and for the aerospace industry, the topic of infotainment utilisation during the flight

Topic cluster 2 is searching for ideas and innovations in the ICT sector that help to realise the vision of a “connected world” through the reliable and safe combination of useful information and services with the means of transportation. Thus, not only hardware and software are required, but rather above all, mobile services are required with intelligent possibilities, which result in added value for the traveller.

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Topic-Cluster 3: Material & Manufacturing

New materials with improved characteristics(e.g. higher temperature resistance, harder or indestructible surfaces, less wear, new textures, smart materials, increased rigidity with reduced weight) and their application in automobiles, airplanes, and transport and rail vehicles contribute significantly to optimising existing solutions.

In line with this, topic cluster 3 is focussed not only on new materials as an innovation, but rather also on easilyrecyclable or renewable materials in order to take the entire energy balance into account on a sustainable basis.


Next to new materials, an important and long-term competitive factor in topic cluster 3 is the topic of production. Searched for are processes, technologies, methods, tools orstrategies, which contribute to making production leaner and more efficient, yet more flexible.


Changes in the product, due to new specifications such as lightweight or mixed construction, new materials, alternative powertrains and demographic changes in assembly, etc., must be integrated by the manufacturer during production through the use of innovative ideas.

Thus, new test methods for stable processes and products are just as sought after as are methods, which improve the quality or safety of the processes.

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Topic-Cluster 4: Design & Interior

Society is changing and the desire for individual and affordable, yet ecologically balanced mobility is increasing.


Customer desires in the utilisation of the vehicle, and airplane and railway vehicles with regards to comfort, functionality andcustomer benefit, are becoming even more specific, more complex and more individual.                                Differentiated and flexible interior solutions are required, so that the traveller can transport his things easily, comfortably and flexibly in the vehicle.                                  

New functionalities in the vehicle’s interior, concepts of individualisation or easy handling should increase the benefits to the customer on a sustainable basis.


Furthermore, new vehicle types in particular, as well as societal trends, require new and specific design concepts. Current examples include electric vehicles and emerging megacities. In addition, the combination of the various means of transportation can also lead to new solutions, as can be currently observed with e-bikes:  Integrated bicycle racks, an integrated charging station for e-bike batteries, combinable bags, etc. In this way, completely new mobility concepts are created.

Topic-Cluster 4 is searching for innovations and ideas that address the described aspects for interior and design

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Who may participate?

Innovators, researchers, freelancers, company founders, companies, research facilities and institutes are called upon to provide their innovative contributions with respect to the four theme clusters.
It doesn't matter which sector the idea comes from, or whether the idea is already used in practice.


Why participate?

The path from an innovative idea to the realisation as a product isoften a long and troublesome one.  With this in mind, the Innovations-Competition and the Network of Automotive Excellence are offering you a valuable opportunity.

Attract the attention of the mobility industry and suppliers and socialise with decision makers—for free. Take this unique opportunity offered by the Innovations-Competition, especially if you are a company from another branch.

The opportunity: Ideas become projects; projects become contracts.

  1. LIVE presentation:The 30 best suggestions selected by the jury will be presented to a broad international expert audience in an Innovation Champions Arena within the framework of the “5th International Project Day on April 18, 2012”. Representatives from over 20 countries from Europe, North America and Asia are expected.
  2. ONLINE presentation:From January 2012 to December 2012: Global attention and prominence, many contacts and subsequent project discussions, for example, on 18.04.2012 in Düsseldorf, Germany.
  3. SUPPORT:In addition, NoAE supports the innovation champions for the duration of one year. For free.

When is the deadline?

Applications may be submitted starting on June 15, 2011 and ending on October 31, 2011. During this period all relevant documents must be submitted. You may also apply online using a special entry form.


Dates to remember – Safe the date:


April 17, 2012

Awards ceremony of the Innovations Champions in Düsseldorf, Germany  

April 18, 2012

5th International Project Day in Düsseldorf, Germany:                                 “From ideas and innovations to international cooperations and projects”


April 18, 2012: Projectday with Partners from 20 countries





Contact:– Phone +49 (89) 7489-9669  



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